Mission and Values


Switch the Pitch creates and improves opportunities for soccer content creators with under-represented or marginalized identities to provide creative, fun perspectives on the beautiful game. We provide mentorship, industry experience, training, accessible content, and strive to reduce the tangible and intangible barriers in both media and soccer spaces that might exclude or minimize marginalized voices.


Our roots grew from a focus on women and femme-aligning journalists, however, we recognize the need to expand that field for both identity and content. We hold space especially for those in the BIPOC and LGBTQIA2S+ communities and continue to expand our coverage to include non-print media and content. We foster the ability and hold up our responsibility to provide accessible soccer content in voices that are representative and relatable to the full spectrum of soccer fans.

Values Statement

We are anti-racist, anti-oppressive, radically inclusive, and enthusiastically affirm, promote, and collaborate with individuals with an array of qualities – ethnicities, abilities, identities, sexualities, intersectionalities, and personalities.

We value diversity, cultural humility, and equity.

We create ethical, trustworthy content.

We are mindful of the ways racism and oppression impact soccer and the larger community and work to affect positive change and social justice through our words, actions, activism, and accompliceship.

We lift up those in the soccer community – players, programs, content creators, and fans – that align with our mission and values. When we fail to uphold these values and are called in by individuals inside or outside of the organization, we listen for understanding and accept support toward learning and growth.

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