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What is MLSFemale and why is it unique?

Together, dreams come true here for female sports fans who want to share their love of the game. MLSFemale and help provide an audience, and platforms, for women to achieve their inner reporter – at whatever level they desire.

Our 2017 theme is Find Your #InnerReporter 🙂 

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Keep The Sisterhood Strong

A small donation goes a long way to keeping platforms going for these incredible female MLS reporters.

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Official Reporters 

Here, at MLSFemale, we have one special lady who represents her MLS team to our audience. She is called an ‘Official Reporter’. Each reporter has the opportunity to take her position to whatever heights she chooses – media passes, live reporting, article features, podcast guest/host, webcast guest/host.

Key Contributors

These ladies round out the reporting for each team. They contribute their unique perspective and are a vital piece of The Sisterhood.

Writing For Us

Love writing? You might just start a fun career in sports reporting! Contact us (see above).

Volunteer Board

When we each share our talents, we accomplish amazing things. And, that’s exactly what we’re doing. Come join us and #GiveBack Your Talents!

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We are fans first. Fans of our teams, and fans of the game. Reporting is something fun we get to do together.

Hence, The Sisterhood of MLSFemale 🙂

Find Your #InnerReporte