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By Ashley Savage // @savage_hart

So, you have an MLS team to avidly support. Hooray! You probably know your typical starting XI, best-producing players and those bench substitutes that can work wonders as super-subs. But what’s the best way to learn more about your opponents? Unless you’re able to completely clear your weekend (and sometimes mid-week) schedule to watch every game, the best way to get to know the prime players of other MLS teams is through MLS Fantasy. 

Similar to EPL Fantasy or domestic Fantasy Football, MLS Fantasy fields a weekly starting XI that gathers points per player. Unlike both the previously listed Fantasy leagues, MLS Fantasy allows unlimited transfers each week.

This year the team budget is locked at $125 million a week, but players who produce well will increase in value each week. Your starting formation each week can vary in structure, but your team must have 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 forwards. It’s up to you who starts and who is kept on the bench. However, your bench players are able to come in and earn points through the infamous Switcheroo, which will be discussed in our next article “MLS Fantasy: 201, Tips for Success”.

Defenders can score big points from shutouts (5 points) and scoring goals (6 points) while midfielders and forwards benefit the most from assists or second assists (3 points) and goals (5 points). There are a myriad of other ways to pick up smaller points as well (see graphic below).

1 point in an attacking bonuses are also awarded to any player on the field, including defenders, for:

  • 3 crosses to their own player in the penalty area.
  • 3 key passes, which is defined as a pass that leads to a shot on goal.
  • A big chance is created, which is basically when a player SHOULD have scored but didn’t.

1 point in a defending bonus is also awarded for:

  • Every 4 clearances.
  • Every 2 blocks.
  • Every 4 interceptions.
  • Every 4 tackles.
  • Every 6 recovered balls.

While understanding the scoring can be tricky, the ultimate takeaway is that the best scoring MLS Fantasy players are often the best players across MLS. Playing MLS Fantasy is a great way to get to know other teams, their players, and the best talent in the league.

Click the link below to create your MLS Fantasy Team and get your team ready for Week 1!

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