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By Bridget McDowell // @BCMcDowell

Just days after the American football family threw its annual party for all the world to see, the world’s other football family received a gift of its own. From one of its own.

On February 7, semi-retired MLS footballer Jeb Brovsky launched Generation Footy, a lifestyle brand, blog, podcast and resource for all involved with the World’s Game. Its mission: Influence the Game. Amidst the endless debate over the future of US Soccer, Generation Footy aims to change the tone of our conversation.

“We have so many passionate soccer players, coaches and fans in this country but we are overwhelmed in the sea of bad ideas, useless conversations and complaining about what is WRONG with our system,” Brovsky told me.

“Being an American player who has come up through the youth, high school, college, pro ranks… I want to create a community of passionate game changers who are all committed to the success and growth of the game in this country. For me, this only happens with authentic communication and straightforward, high-level ideas. Generation Footy was founded on the principle that we need to raise our expectations, provide small concrete improvements and engage in honest communication that will benefit the development of the game.”

The six-season MLS veteran, with time in Vancouver, Montreal, New York City and Minnesota (in 2016, the club’s final NASL season and build-up for MLS) is well-respected by teammates, coaches and fans, alike, for his adaptability on the pitch and his warrior mentality through injuries. Brovsky’s playing career was put on hold when MNUFC declined to re-sign him after his recovery from the ACL tear that ended his 2016 season, but he remained in Minnesota and is still active in the local soccer scene.

“Right now I’m enjoying coaching youth, high school and college players of all levels and trying to spread my passion, knowledge, and experience. I believe young girls and boys should be taught the right things from the beginning and be empowered to take control of their own development,” said Brovsky.

Generation Footy provides those growing players with the inspiration and resources to do just that. The site’s content so far includes quotes and insights from players like Christiano Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane, How-To skill breakdowns with video of the masters, light-hearted but truthful pieces like ‘The 10 Commandments of Footy’ and a podcast about dealing with injuries with ACL Club founder Jordan Angeli. But Brovsky is not trying to preach Footy; he is engaging with it and using it to engage with others.

“I want to grow organically and connect with the men/women/boys/girls who are avid learners and who have a DESIRE to grow… Part of engaging with my readers and listeners means I want a two-way conversation and for them to approach me with ideas, passions, insights etc. that they may have. Sometimes this is a complex technical idea and sometimes it could just be an awesome video of someone enjoying the game. Inspiration comes from everywhere.”

Go to to find out how you can Influence the Game. And always remember the Tenth Commandment of Footy: “Thou shalt not be envious of others within the game… Influence the game on your terms!”

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