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The tradition of permanently decorating one’s body, whether through simple or elaborate designs, can be traced back through the history of human existence. For the longest while, it was believed that tattooing originated with the Egyptians around 2000 B.C. However, a more recent discovery has proven the invalidity of this belief. Through carbon dating of a corpse with distinctive markings, which was accidentally found in 1991 by two hikers, the current consensus is that human tattooing can be dated back as far as 5,200 years ago (Lineberry, 2007).

Tattooing is an art form that has lived on through time for several millenniums. Today, people from all different walks of life continue to permanently adorn their bodies with unique markings and designs, which are meant to express their personal preferences and individual interests.

Tisha Gale - NYCFC Ink/mlsfemale
Image of Colin Harte: @TishaGale

For Colin Harte, tattoos are important because of the stories they tell and the memories they hold. His first tattoo, a clover with the New York Giants symbol in the middle, holds a special place in his heart—“it is a family thing.” (@colinmouth) His family has had season tickets for the Giants since the ‘30s when his grandfather worked for the team. If there is one thing Colin’s family knows how to do, it’s proudly support their favorite teams.

Along with the Giants, Colin’s other teams are the Tottenham Hotspur and New York City F.C (NYCFC), the latter of which he is a founding member.

Tisha Gale - NYCFC Ink/mlsfemale
Image: @TishaGale

Colin’s left arm boasts a beautiful display of a few of his favorite things. A colorful guitar accentuates a combination piece featuring the aforementioned soccer teams, which he had done in November of 2016. Together, these tattoos make up the beginnings of a beautiful sleeve.

Tisha Gale - NYCFC Ink/mlsfemale
Image of Colin’s arms: @TishaGale

“I have been a fan [of NYCFC] since the moment I heard that the club would exist. My girlfriend and I, as well as another great friend of mine, have tickets in section 233A at Yankee Stadium and we are normally the loudest and most delightfully obnoxious supporters there. We can’t help but be passionate for better or worse.” – Colin Harte 

Tisha Gale - NYCFC Ink/mlsfemale
Colin with girlfriend, Stefanie and friend, Sean at an NYCFC game. Image: @colinmouth

When asked what his fondest NYCFC memory is, Colin couldn’t just choose one.

“First has to be the Thursday night match in the first season where the legend of Poku really took off. Poku sealed the win that night against D.C United with a goal in the 88’ min after already bagging an assist to Tommy Mac.”

Colin’s second fondest memory, “Travelling with the away supporters to Philly last year and witnessing King Villa’s 50-yard bomb into the back of the goal.”

On our stroll through Central Park, Colin beamed with pride as he talked about his favorite teams and what it means to be a supporter. His hope is to instill the same loyalty towards a sports team that his family instilled in him. As his grandfather did with the Giants, Colin’s goal is to pass on his NYCFC season tickets to future generations of Hartes. Traditions are clearly very important to Colin. His tattoos serve as a reminder of those values of loyalty and tradition that are so greatly treasured.

Tisha Gale - NYCFC Ink/mlsfemale
“And my heart stays in the lead”. Image: @TishaGale

When Colin isn’t obsessing over his favorite sports teams, he spends his time playing the bass guitar in four different bands.


NYCFC x Skull sticker designed by Stefanie Suppa @stefsuppa

Lineberry, C. (2007, January 1). Tattoos. The Ancient and Mysterious History. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/tattoos-144038580/ 

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