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By Christy Casas @nkstar9

Saturday March 11: 3-2 Loss

We are off to the races with our second game of the season. Vancouver Whitecaps were hosted by San Jose Earthquakes, leaving their fans to sulk in the rain.

Full disclosure, I wasn’t able to see the game on Saturday, but I watched multiple highlight reels and here are my top 5 takeaways:

  1. It is too early in the season and it was too early in the game for David Ousted to risk a red card saving a goal. Also, they were up by 2. Down to 10 men we go.

  2. Wando (Chris Wondolowski) is ever the catalyst.

  3. The wrong substitution(s) can cost you the game. Especially when you are down a man. Strategy is the name of the game.

  4. Did the Whitecaps even make any changes or adjustments at Half-time?

  5. The Whitecaps did make some sacrifices for Tuesday’s CCL game. But, we could have won this game too, we just needed to play smarter.
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