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For centuries, the practice of tattooing has been prevalent within many different societies. In some cultures, tattooing was a ritualistic rite of passage and in other cultures, it was purely about tradition. Today, tattooing has become more about self-expression. It is an art form that has had to overcome the stigma of being considered taboo.

Tattoos come in a plethora of designs and their significance and meanings are uniquely subjective.  For Eduardo “Lalo” Ortega, tattoos are about love and passion. Lalo is an immigrant from Mexico who moved to New York when he was just a baby. For him, getting a tattoo was a chance to combine his love for New York with his passionate support for his favorite MLS team, New York City FC.

“I got my tattoo right before the start of NYCFC’s second season. New York is the greatest city in the world and I wanted to do something more creative than the club logo. I wanted to celebrate both the city and the club.” -Eduardo “Lalo” Ortega (@E_Ortega18 on Twitter)

Tisha Gale - NYCFC/mlsfemale
Yankee Stadium. Image: @TishaGale

Lalo has been a New York City FC fan since the very beginning. You can always find him at Yankee Stadium in section 237, or on the road with fellow travelling supporters. He is the current president of the Westchester Chapter of The Third Rail Supporters Group. (@ThirdRailSC on Twitter) When he’s not taking part in NYCFC related activities, he spends his time in the kitchen as a chef.

When asked what his fondest NYCFC memory is, Lalo paused for a pensive moment before he responded.

“Honestly, I can’t just pick one. It has been one crazy ride since year one. The people I’ve met and become friends with have been one of the greatest parts of it.”

With the New York Derby around the corner, Lalo is here to remind us all that his tattoo—like his love for New York City FC, is everlasting. He proudly pumps his fist in the air and flexes his arm to show off the tattoo etched on his inner biceps.

Tisha Gale - NYCFC/mlsfemale
Lalo. Image: @TishaGale

Featured image of Lalo: @TishaGale

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